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Global Aging: Adapting to the Reality of Aging

Global Aging: Adapting to the Reality of Aging

Globally, the dependency ratio, which measures the number of people aged 65 and older for every 100 people of workforce age, rose from about 8 in 1950 to 11 in 2000—and will further rise to an estimated 25 by 2050.

Senior care in the family is getting to be where childcare was half a century ago. New census data shows Canada now has a higher proportion of seniors than ever before, a development that has crept up on society with far-reaching implications for health, finance, policy and everyday family relationships.

Coupled with the aging population are social issues unlike those experienced previously. Now it is possible for children to live far away from those aging parents and for their aging parents to become increasingly isolated from their family support systems which in the past were the backbone of family cohesiveness and care. Unfortunately, it is the same around the world.

Caring for aging loved ones has become a major social issue and challenge for many families as their parent’s age and their health gradually declines. The number of seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia is rapidly increasing as it is reported that about one out of three of those aged 85 will have the disease. The implications for these individuals and their families is hard to fathom as so many struggle to provide proper care. Many seek outside help but assisted living and long-term care facilities are cost prohibitive and many elderly prefer staying at home longer rather than proceeding to a nursing home or long-term care facility.

Home care has become an increasingly popular alternative for many seniors and their families. These services can help seniors live healthy, independent lives while reducing pressure on family members, many of whom are acting as caregivers but are already balancing full-time employment and parenting duties. The goal with home care services is to provide top quality & affordable care so seniors can age with dignity and respect while their families can have the peace of mind they deserve.

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