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Why it is Important to Choose a Home Care Agency Rather than Hiring an Independent Contractor

Why it is Important to Choose a Home Care Agency Rather than Hiring an Independent Contractor

The decision to purchase care should be made as carefully as with the purchase of any other service. For families seeking home care service, it is very wise to choose a reputable organization that guarantees high quality of service provision and fair labor practices. Many people in need of assistance with home care also consider hiring private independent contractors rather than working with a reputable home care agency which employs individuals and is responsible for insurance, bonding, WCE and taxes.

What many individuals are not aware of is the risk associated with directly hiring an independent contractor to provide care. Although the costs may be slightly lower than going through an agency, when hiring an independent contractor as a caretaker, you are responsible for all of the appropriate taxes and issues such as finding a replacement on short notice should the independent contractor become sick or does not show up.

It is also important to keep in mind, care needs can change frequently. Home care organizations such as Global – Love Care Ltd (GLC) are able to increase or decrease services on short notice and can cover unexpected personnel absences assuring continued service. Home care organizations will assume responsibility for communicating with other members of the health care team and assist with the identification of sources of funding for the home care service.

Another very important aspect is liability. Guarding against injury and maintaining appropriate worker compensation insurance is critical as most often caregiving tasks include lifting, transferring or bathing. If the independent caretaker is injured on the job, the person who hired the contractor will be responsible for their medical bills and may be at risk for a potential law suit depending on the circumstances.

It has been proven that when you go through a reputable home care agency, your chances of receiving quality care is much higher. For instance, GLC has an extensive hiring process where all prospective employee candidates are hired based on their education, skills and training in the field along with character and personality traits. All care aides and nurses are certified, bonded, insured, tested for TB and criminal record checks are conducted. There is a diligent interview and on boarding process as we only employ highly qualified and compassionate care-extraordinaires™ (as we like to call them) who will make every effort to provide exceptional care service at all times.

We also conduct a care and safety assessment and work with families to develop the most suitable personalized care plan. We then match the client to a care-extraordinaire™ who will be able to develop a strong rapport with our client in order to deliver the quality personalized care our client needs to embrace & enjoy aging!

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